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Seriously? Where the fuck is the webcam thing?
Cas X Hitori by ChristopherShuzen
Cas X Hitori
A lovely gift from my loving mate.
:iconarchdukeofchaos: He owns his Kitsuni/fox spirit

CAS belongs to me. And the Children belong to us
Bellyfull of Kitsunes by ChristopherShuzen
Bellyfull of Kitsunes
Only halfway done with the term.
This is a gift from :iconarchdukeofchaos: my awesome bf who acctully gets me.
Really feeling it~ by ChristopherShuzen
Really feeling it~
So my friend offsite made this as a gift for me. He really likes the old model of CAS, so he went with it.
Know what I don't like? When people go out of their way to say Hello, and then they have no topics to speak of; just expecting you to fill in, just... I'm sorry what? No offense, but this is a waste of my time.
  • Listening to: Some battle stuff.
  • Reading: Text
  • Watching: Screen
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Dr.Pepper
Okay, so there was someone I tried talking to because of a Skype journal. Guy is named Wad.
I contacted him because he seemed lonely; especially if you make a journal saying "add me on it."
So I tried being courteous.

But he had gripes and I was shy because of the quiet responses.
But he opens his mouth to complain about three things. None of which make sense...

First. "You resemble a human. I hate that."
First of all... You are all human behind the screen, no persona shields you from that or omits liberty.

Second "You're taken, and I want a chance at love."
First... Why does my status bother you?
Second... If you don't like human like characters... or personas that resemble people, this reason to be upset should not exist.

Third "You watch artist I dislike, I hate that."
Okay, that is just stupid. Why in the hell should you care who I watch? That is my business.

People... This is childish of a man who is perhaps four years older than me?
None of his complains are... lets be honest... real.

So after my dismissive responses to him. I received bs about my ex who died like years ago.
First, leave the dead be.
Second, if you don't even know her, speak not of her, it makes you look stupid with a lack of information.

But the fact is, you send me notes talking down on me when you complained like a child about me for being me?
This is sad and funny. I honestly thought I've seen everything.



Artist | Literature
United States
I attend school. I like to role play and play my ps3.
I play FF14 online, usually on Skype.

Taken by :iconarchdukeofchaos:
Everything feels so right with him.

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